Episode 9953 - Friday, July 20, 2012
Posted on Jul 20, 2012 03:00pm

Sharon enters Hope’s kitchen to find Victor waiting for her. She admits that she went to Kansas to try to stop Adam and that Adam rejected her. Sharon apologizes for doubting their relationship and they leave together for Genoa City. Victor and Sharon return to the Newman Ranch, where she reminds him that he has been dishonest about his feelings for Nikki. She hopes they can both move on from Adam and Nikki. Summer is happy to see that Noah is home from New York, since he can help support the family during their crisis. Nick informs them that Phyllis is out on bail. Daniel learns that Phyllis could go to jail for life. Phyllis is disappointed when she returns home and none of her family is there. She’s relieved when Avery, Daniel and Lucy arrive. Later, Summer and Noah enter, followed by Nick. Phyllis apologizes to Nick for keeping secrets. Adam senses hesitation from Chelsea as they get ready to leave for their wedding. Adam admits that Sharon came to town to stop the wedding. Later, Adam and Chelsea exchange wry comments as the ceremony begins. Adam kisses his bride and the minister pronounces them husband and wife.