Episode 9963 - Friday, August 3, 2012
Posted on Aug 3, 2012 03:00pm

Eden surprises Kyle with movies and beer to distract him from Jack and Nikki’s wedding. While the two are play fighting they end up in a steamy kiss. Later, Kyle and Eden make love. Nikki scolds Victor for trying to stop her wedding. Sharon enters and Victor is forced to inform Nikki they’re married. Meanwhile, Billy tries to inform Victoria about the video, but she cuts him off. At the wedding, Nick escorts Nikki down the aisle to Jack. Jack stands up to greet his bride at the altar. When they are declared husband and wife, they both fall down into Jack’s wheelchair. Later, Nikki finds Jack inside watching the wedding video. After watching the Restless Style video, Adam and Chelsea congratulate Victor and Sharon on their marriage. Meanwhile, Phyllis shows the video to Nick. Nick approaches Victoria about Victor’s wedding and Phyllis reveals to Victoria that Restless Style posted the video. Later, Sharon cannot find Victor. Tim demands that Phyllis consummate their agreement or he will release the recording. Ashley informs her family that she is moving to New York with Traci.