Episode 9975 - Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Posted on Aug 21, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis and Kevin try to come up with an alibi for the night Tim died. Chloe arrives and tries to convince Phyllis to join their website, but Phyllis refuses. Meanwhile, Ronan informs Michael that he found Tim dead. Ronan interrogates Beth and she mentions Tim inheriting money and also an unusual salesman around the night Tim died. The preliminary medical report states that Tim died of a heart attack, but Ronan is skeptical. Later, Phyllis lets Kevin know about the blackmail money and that Tim’s neighbor might know about it.
Jack shows Kyle he is able to stand up, but he fails to take a step. Jack receives a phone call from Nikki and ignores it.
At Hope’s farmhouse, Nikki questions a farm hand about seeing Victor, but he hasn’t. Nikki leaves a voicemail to Jack saying that she loves and misses him, and that she has not found Victor.
Sharon fires Bobby, the head of Newman Security, after he disagrees about calling off the search of Victor. Adam confronts Sharon and loses patience with her. Adam implies that someone has been helping her, but Sharon refuses to say who. Sharon calls security to kick Adam out.
Tucker meets with Genevieve and learns that Tucker’s real goal is not Sharon, but Newman Enterprises. Tucker reveals his plan of taking over Newman. Genevieve agrees to help Tucker in finding Victor. In return, she asks for stock and a seat on the Newman board. Later, Genevieve informs Tucker that someone saw Victor hitch a ride to South Dakota. Victor is actually in the port of L.A.