Episode 9979 - Monday, August 27, 2012
Posted on Aug 27, 2012 03:00pm

Adam surprises Chelsea with “Baby N”, a username created for their child. Later, Adam lets Chelsea and Chloe know that Little Bee Industries, a baby equipment company, is interested in selling their products through TagNGrab.
Phyllis informs Kevin to get rid of the rug. After Kevin leaves, Ronan arrives with a search warrant. He questions her about the missing rug. Phyllis confesses to Ronan that Tim was blackmailing her and died in her living room. When Kevin arrives, Ronan realizes that Kevin helped her.
Beth recognizes Kevin on Michael’s caller ID. Michael tries to lightly dismiss Beth’s accusation. Later, Kevin admits to Ronan that the rug is in the dumpster. In the alley, the two cops have pulled the rug out of the dumpster. They find a stain on it.
Neil teaches Harmony some basketball tricks while they flirt and talk about their high school days. Meanwhile, Tucker and Sofia set up a plan to buy more Newman stock without creating a connection between Tucker and Newman. Later, Tucker intercepts Harmony and offers her a job.