Episode 9980 - Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Posted on Aug 28, 2012 03:00pm

In the alley, Heather and Ronan examine the red stain on the rug and find out that its wine, not blood. Heather is convinced there’s something going on and she’s determined to find out.
Kevin plays innocent at Michael’s question about encyclopedias. Chloe backs up Kevin’s alibi from the night of Tim’s murder. He asks him to come down to the station to meet Beth. At the station, Beth accuses Kevin of killing Tim because of drugs, but he denies it. Phyllis calls and Kevin lies to Chloe about the nature of the call. Chloe doesn’t believe him and she storms out.
Jack offers Cane the position to be the head of the marketing department at Beauty Nature. Cane accepts to head up both marketing departments for Beauty of Nature and Jabot. Cane lets Lily know about his promotion, but she is not as enthusiastic because her
mind is on the mystery gift she received. Cane reassures her that everything’s fine. When Lily exits, she bumps into a mystery woman. She finds a dropped business card with the words “Claude Shirl” printed on it.
Abby is being kicked out of the Newman property by a security guard. Sharon arrives and admits she donated her horses to charity.
At Gloworm, Sharon and Tucker meet Warren, the Chronicle reporter. Warren’s questions seem hostile, but Sharon answers with confidence. Meanwhile, Jack informs Cane that he suspects Tucker is using Sharon to gain control of Newman Enterprises.
Heather runs into Daniel and informs him that they can’t be together because Phyllis’ case is getting more complicated. They agree to meet at her place that afternoon.