Episode 9981 - Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Posted on Aug 29, 2012 03:00pm

Katherine informs Sharon that she’s trampling all over Victor’s family, home, and company. Sharon reads her story in the Chronicle and becomes angry because it conveys her as being unqualified.
Tucker informs Sharon that the reporter double-crossed him and he takes full responsibility. Later, Genevieve reassures Tucker that Victor is in Los Angeles and not Tucson. She demands that Tucker continue to pay for her expenses. Meanwhile, Sharon asks Nick if he paid off the reporter, but Nick denies it. They begin to argue and she fires him.
At the coffeehouse, Lily questions the barista about the mysterious woman. Lily gives Cane a description and he thinks it sounds like his late sister. Cane finds Genevieve and questions her about the mystery woman who looks like Samantha. Genevieve denies involvement. Later, Lily calls Ronan and asks him to meet in private.
Heather explains that the box on her couch contains Ricky’s belongings and she is having a hard time letting go. Heather informs Daniel that she needs to regain her job title and her relationship with him is tainting that. He admits that he’s crazy about her and they make love. Later, Daniel suggests she keep one thing from Ricky. She decides to keep a snow globe from Niagara Falls.
Avery tries to get Ricky’s friend, Bryce to talk about Ricky. Paul grabs him, slams him against the wall and threatens him. Bryce confesses that Ricky killed Rachel and recorded it.