Episode 9982 - Thursday, August 30, 2012
Posted on Aug 30, 2012 03:00pm

Lily informs Ronan that Cane’s family is being stalked and that it’s tied to Cane’s past. Cane calls Lily and she informs him she is with Ronan. They speculate that the stalker could be someone who knew Caleb.
Sister Celeste spots a man and goes over to offer him help. He waves her away and aggressively grabs her arm. Victor defends Sister Celeste and drags the man outside. Later, Victor enters the bar and starts grabbing his chest. He’s about to double over when
Genevieve enters and spots him. She rushes over to help him and he introduces himself as Christian.
Nick accuses Sharon of having something to do with Victor’s disappearance. Nick intends to fight her and put an end to everything she’s doing. At the coffeehouse, Sharon looks for something in her purse and dumps the contents out. Kyle’s driver’s license is there along with many other things she stole.
Jack instructs his housekeeper to pack Nikki’s things and move her out. Kyle informs Jack that he has moved out of Victor’s house. Jack invites Kyle to move back into the Abbott mansion and Kyle reluctantly accepts the offer. Later, Nikki returns to the Abbott mansion.