Episode 9984 - Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
Posted on Sep 4, 2012 03:00pm

Tucker becomes wary when Sharon informs him that the Newman stock has stabilized. Sharon gives a reporter a quote revealing Tucker is backing her. Tucker is frustrated that he is no longer calling the shots.
Victoria and Nick agree to go through with their plan to bring Sharon down. Victoria informs Sharon about her plan to bring up her psychiatric history, but Sharon dismisses it. As the two argue, Victoria bumps into a box and everything that Sharon stole spills out onto the ground.
As Genevieve confronts Victor he has another dizzy spell and she catches him. Since Victor has lost his memory, he does not remember his heart transplant and hasn’t been taking his medicine. As Genevieve leaves to get help, Billy confronts Victor who displays no memory of Billy. Later, Victor explains to Sister Celeste that he needs medication for his heart transplant. Meanwhile, Billy calls Victoria and leaves a message revealing her he has big news.
After Michael threatens Phyllis, Phyllis lies to Nick and confesses she is having an affair with Ronan. Nick sees through her confession and she reveals Ronan made an alibi because Tim died in the apartment. Phyllis reveals everything to Nick. Nick confronts Ronan and punches him in the face.