Episode 9991 - Friday, September 14th, 2012
Posted on Sep 14, 2012 03:00pm

Ronan informs Phyllis about Summer’s attempts to drink. Phyllis tries to reprimand her, but Summer storms off. Phyllis questions Ronan about his feelings for her. Later, Daniel confronts Phyllis about the affair.
Nick opens up to Victoria about Phyllis’ lack of trust. Summer arrives and tries to blame her bad behavior on Phyllis. Nick reminds her of the trouble that Cassie got into with underage drinking. Later, Summer informs Phyllis that if Nick moves out, she will never forgive her.
Sharon asks Dr. Laurents to release her. Daisy begs Sharon to inform the doctor who she really is. Sharon reluctantly admits that Daisy is telling the truth. Later, Daisy takes a bunch of pills with the hope of being sent to the hospital to escape.
Nick goes back to the office to see Victoria and updates her on the situation with Summer. They are both stunned when Sharon arrives and declares that she is back. Later, Ronan receives news that Daisy is alive.
Sister Celeste asks Victor not to get his hopes up about changing things at the docks. Victor’s instinctive knowledge of business affairs startles him. Moran overhears their conversation and plots against Victor.