Episode 9992 - Monday, September 17th, 2012
Posted on Sep 17, 2012 03:00pm

Michael and Ronan inform Paul that Daisy is alive. Later, Paul goes to Fairview to question Daisy.
Tucker leaves Ashley a message after receiving the divorce papers. Tucker confides in Devon about his relationship with Ashley. Tucker reaches for a handshake, but Devon embraces him instead.
Nick and Victoria are shocked by Sharon’s unexpected return to Newman Enterprises. Avery informs Nick, Victoria, and Nikki that Sharon has been reinstated as CEO. At Newman, Sharon sweeps all of Victoria’s personal items into a trash, letting them know she’s there to stay.
Nikki asks Billy to do a segment on Victor’s disappearance, but he’s hesitant to agree. He considers revealing the truth about Victor, but they get interrupted by Jack. After Billy leaves, Nikki attempts to reconcile with Jack. Through his demeanor, Nikki realizes that their differences are irreconcilable.
Genevieve worries when Victor informs her that he’s going to work on the docks. Genevieve advises Tucker that Victor could be in danger, but Tucker wants her to delay Victor’s return. Victor returns with Sister Celeste who was almost hurt on the docks. Victor is convinced that the incident was not an accident.