Episode 9993 - Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
Posted on Sep 18, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis tries to convince Nick to stay, but he’s set on moving to the ranch. Later, Summer expresses her disdain for Phyllis and asks to live with Nick. Phyllis returns to the penthouse and finds Nick and Summer packing their things.
Michael and Lauren inform Phyllis that Daisy is alive, but in a coma from a drug overdose. Paul has a dream that he sees Daisy, but she is unable to speak to help him with his case. Avery wakes him up and lets him know that she wants to get a subpoena to question Daisy. Meanwhile, Heather tries to get information about Daisy’s condition, but is denied. Later, Lauren confesses that Paul used her gun in Ricky’s murder. At Fairview, Daniel talks to an unconscious Daisy. When he returns home, Heather arrives and breaks up with him.
Lily and Chloe sit with their dogs at Crimson Lights as Chelsea arrives. Chelsea gets mad at Chloe for informing people that she is pregnant. At the dive bar, Adam and Kevin meet with Cane to try to get a link to TagNGrab onto Jabot’s website, but Cane is against the idea. Later, Kevin lashes out at Adam and Cane reveals that Jabot will not be doing business with them until they sort out their differences.