Episode 9994 - Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
Posted on Sep 19, 2012 03:00pm

Nick informs Billy and Victoria that the Newman stock price continues to decline. They think that Tucker is buying stock and not reporting it. Nick informs Avery he intends to contact the SEC to look into Tucker’s dealings. After being warned, Sharon confronts Tucker about purchasing shares of Newman stock. Tucker admits that he has, but he leads Sharon to believe he is doing it to help her. In Los Angeles, Victor arrives at the bar with an injured hand. Victor explains that he returned to protect Sister Celeste, loud enough so everyone can hear. Later, Victor informs Genevieve that he wants to help fight for the dock workers.
Phyllis joins Kevin at the dive bar and they commiserate over their problems. Kevin gets upset after Phyllis shows no sympathy for Daisy being in a coma. Billy joins Kevin at the bar and they each share their news about Victor and Daisy being alive. Kevin encourages Billy to come clean with Victoria. Later, Billy informs Victoria that he needs to go to Los Angeles for a story.
Paul is happy to see Christine back in town. Paul and Christine ask Kevin for help on information about Daisy. Christine runs into Phyllis and they jab each other with insults until Paul interrupts them. When Phyllis leaves, Kevin informs them that Daisy woke up for a second, but he wants them to leave her alone. Paul informs Christine he has a new idea of how he can get to Daisy.