Episode 9995 - Thursday, September 20th, 2012
Posted on Sep 20, 2012 03:00pm

Michael asks Heather to accelerate prep for Phyllis’ case. Heather approaches Christine to talk about Phyllis’ case. Heather lets it slip that Phyllis was having an affair with Ronan. Michael visits Phyllis to let her know that her court date has been moved up. Later, Phyllis decides to confess to Leslie about how Ronan lied about her alibi regarding Tim’s death. Meanwhile, Christine confronts Ronan.
At Fairview, Paul informs Patty that he needs her help to talk to Daisy. Paul realizes that Patty is too far out of touch to help. Patty begins to have a mental breakdown and it forces Dr. Laurents and the nurses to help. While the doctors try to calm her down, Patty signals to Paul to go to Daisy’s room. In Daisy’s room, she informs Paul that she was running away from Ricky because he wanted to kill her.
At Tucker’s apartment, Sharon informs Tucker that she wants to force Victoria and Nick to quit. Meanwhile, Victoria and Nick have an awkward run in with Phyllis and Ronan. After a tense encounter, Phyllis watches Nick leave. Later, Sharon lets Nick and Victoria know that she’s calling a press conference and she wants them to stand next to her in support.
In Los Angeles, Billy informs Genevieve that they should reveal the truth to Victor, but she wants to hold off. Billy warns Victor that he is a journalist and he could expose what’s happening at the docks. Later, a dockworker gives Victor a bad lead about work on the docks in order to trap him.