Episode 9996 - Friday, September 21st, 2012
Posted on Sep 21, 2012 03:00pm

At the mental institution, Daisy reveals to Paul that the video of Ricky killing his girlfriend is on Ricky’s laptop. Paul asks Daisy if she’ll testify in court. She agrees to help him if he will get her out of the mental institution.
At the police station, Lauren informs Christine and Ronan that the gun Paul used to shoot Ricky belonged to her. Christine is set on using this new information in Paul’s defense, but Paul arrives and reveals Daisy is willing to testify against Ricky. Later, they discover that Daisy’s room is empty. A nurse reveals that Daisy’s mother checked her out of the hospital.
Sharon informs Adam that the press conference is for the Newman’s to announce their faith in her as the head of the company. Adam threatens to reveal that Sharon is cheating on Victor, and asks her to look at the damage that she has done. Later at his office, Tucker shows Sharon the picture of Victor and Sister Celeste.
Nick and Victoria prepare a statement praising Sharon; hoping that their united front will keep the stock from plummeting. Nikki reluctantly agrees to stand with them during the press conference. Nick and Victoria try to convince Adam and Abby to also stand up with them, but Abby refuses.
Jack asks Billy to help find Victor for Nikki. Jack is worried she might start drinking again. Billy gives Nikki the number to Victor’s phone. Meanwhile, Genevieve overhears Moran plotting against Victor, but Victor is already gone. At the warehouse, Victor picks up a call from Nikki. Billy tries to get Moran to reveal where Victor is. Later, Billy rushes to go to Victor’s aid as an explosion at the warehouse rocks the dive bar.