Episode 9997 - Monday, September 24th, 2012
Posted on Sep 24, 2012 03:00pm

Abby overhears Nikki trying to get Victor back on the phone. Jack’s glad Victor is alive, but Abby knows it’s only because the price of Newman stock has the potential to skyrocket. Jack asks his broker to leverage his assets and buy all of the available Newman stock.
Victor’s phone is seen lying amongst debris as sirens approach in the distance. At the dive bar, Billy and Genevieve realize that Victor was set up and sent to the warehouse during the explosion.
Adam meets with Cane to let him know that he is ready for a partnership between TagNGrab and Jabot. Kevin arrives and they manage to finalize a deal. Kevin lets it slip that Victor is in Los Angeles.
Nikki reveals to Nick and Victoria that she spoke to Victor and that she got his number from Billy. Sharon’s press conference begins and Nick pledges his full support of Sharon. Nikki calmly informs the press that she has spoken to Victor and that she’s confident he’ll be returning soon.
Billy arrives and announces that Victor is dead. Later, Sharon is informed that she will have to identify Victor’s body when it is sent back from Los Angeles. At the GCAC, Jack is furious as he realizes that Victor still managed to stick it to him.
In Los Angeles, Sister Celeste takes Genevieve to a cell to see Victor who is very much alive.