Episode 9998 - Tuesday, September 25th, 2012
Posted on Sep 25, 2012 03:00pm

Cane tries to help Jack figure out his next financial move. Cane informs Jack that there may be a way to fix Jack’s financial troubles.
Nikki reminisces about when she first met Victor, as Phyllis arrives to comfort Nick. Meanwhile, Victoria asks Billy how he knew about Victor being in Los Angeles. Billy calls Genevieve and asks her to stay quiet about his being in Los Angeles.
Katherine finds Nikki in the chapel as she grieves. Nikki informs Katherine that she spoke to Victor right before he died.
Jack visits Tucker and offer to sell Beauty of Nature to him. Meanwhile, Sharon is stunned as she realizes the body isn’t Victor’s. She identifies the body as Victor’s and has it cremated. Later, Tucker proposes to Sharon and she accepts.
Sister Celeste is confused when Victor calls Genevieve by her real name. Victor struggles to make sense of his memories. Genevieve encourages Victor and he finally remembers his name.
The Newmans arrive to see Victor’s body, but the morgue attendant informs them that Sharon already identified the body and ordered it to be cremated.