Episode 9999 - Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
Posted on Sep 26, 2012 03:00pm

The residents of Genoa City get a text from Sharon about Victor’s last minute funeral. The Newmans struggle with Sharon’s antics and are furious that she had Victor’s body cremated without consulting the family.
At the funeral, Sharon stuns everyone as she reveals a chic white dress. She discloses she and Tucker are getting married after the funeral. She invites everyone outside to bury Victor’s ashes. Neil, Avery, Jack, Christine, and Kyle stay back at the church and discuss Sharon’s behavior. At the cemetery, Sharon casually gives a brief speech about Victor. Abby, Victoria, and Nick each pay their respects to Victor as they get ready to leave. They offer to stay with Nikki, but she informs them she needs time alone.
At the church, Tucker asks Sharon to sign a prenuptial agreement. Sharon happily signs it as Nick and Genevieve arrive to witness the impromptu wedding.
At the Athletic Club, Christine is shocked to run into Danny outside. Katherine makes a speech about Victor’s impact on the people of Genoa City as various friends and family gather around town.
Jack goes home and is delighted to find Traci there. Jack informs Traci about losing Beauty of Nature during his attempt at revenge against Victor. Meanwhile, Nikki cries over Victor’s grave. Nikki turns around to see Victor, very much alive.