Episode 10000 - Thursday, September 27th, 2012
Posted on Sep 27, 2012 03:00pm

Residents of Genoa City gather to reminisce about Victor at the Athletic Club. Danny runs into a startled Phyllis outside the Athletic Club. Phyllis tries to dodge an awkward conversation. Phyllis defensively blasts Danny for always believing Christine over her.
Neil informs Devon, Lily, and Cane about Tucker and Sharon’s wedding. Devon vows that he wants nothing to do with Tucker.
Nikki is filled with questions as she embraces Victor. Nikki sends a text to friends and family to meet her at the church. As the minister pronounces Tucker and Sharon husband and wife, Victor arrives to stop the wedding. Victor explains to his family that he got in an accident and ended up in Los Angeles with amnesia. Later, Victor shares some private time with his family before holding a press conference.
Adam watches Victor on TV during the press conference. Chelsea vents about how horrible it is that nobody in Adam’s family told him about Victor’s return, but Adam is just happy he’s alive.
At Gloworm, Tucker blasts Genevieve for trying to paint herself as the reformed sinner while he got sandbagged. Nikki vows that she’ll never forgive Tucker or Genevieve for what they did.
At Crimson Lights, Esther cheers that Victor is alive while Lily and Cane realize that Genevieve was lying to them about her whereabouts. Katherine disowns Tucker. Victor ends his speech by saying he will right the wrongs done in his absence.
Sharon questions Tucker about knowing Victor was alive. Tucker asks if Sharon really knew the body she identified wasn’t Victor.
Victor and Nikki finally reunite.