Episode 10003 - Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Posted on Oct 2, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis goes to see Nick at the tack house and tries to get him to forgive her.
Lauren sits with Avery and Paul at Crimson Lights and they discuss Daisy’s disappearance from the mental institution.
Tucker is angry that Genevieve betrayed him. He tries to kick her out of the Club, but she reveals that she has the means to stay. Later, Tucker reveals to Sofia that Jack is blackmailing him to get Beauty of Nature.
Neil, Lily, Devon, and Cane dine at the Athletic Club and invite Katherine and Harmony to join them. Tucker passes by and Katherine makes a comment about him under her breath. Devon confronts Tucker about his actions. At the dive bar, Lily and Cane avoid dealing with Genevieve.
Sarge talks with Jack about his brother and how he blames himself for his death. Later, Harmony sees Sarge and asks how he knew she was in Pittsburgh. He reveals that he saw her there.
Kyle informs Jack that he’d like to stay with him.
Eden, Avery, Ronan, and Paul go to Ricky’s hotel suite so Eden can get hypnotized by Dr. Hoffman. Eden starts remembering parts of the night that Ricky died.