Episode 10006 - Friday, October 5th, 2012
Posted on Oct 5, 2012 03:00pm

Victor and Avery discuss his plans for Sharon. Nikki enters and finds that Victor has arranged a romantic setup for her. Victor reaches into his pocket, but Nikki stops him and explains that they need to tie up their loose ends first.
Katherine informs Tucker she is taking him out of her will and bequeathing his portion to Devon. Devon thanks Katherine for making him part of her estate, but does not want to come between them. Later, Harmony hopes Devon can one day forgive Tucker, just as he forgave her.
Genevieve apologizes to Katherine for the part she played in Victor’s absence. Nikki joins them and accepts Genevieve’s apology. Later, Nikki tries to make amends with Jack.
Avery reveals that she has evidence that there was a signed prenup between Sharon and Victor. Nick confronts Sharon about her burning the prenup. Sharon bumps into Tucker and informs him she used to admire and count on men like him and Victor, but has now learned she must look out for herself.
Jack and Genevieve confront Tucker about Beauty of Nature. They threatened to call the SEC, but Tucker calls Victor to propose selling Beauty of Nature back to him. Meanwhile, Michael and Leslie talk to Sharon about a possible deal.
Phyllis and Ronan grow closer. They kiss and begin to have sex. Nick arrives at Phyllis’ door; he hesitates and decides to walk away. Later, Nick reveals to Avery he wishes they could go somewhere private, but she encourages him to work on things with Phyllis.