Episode 10007 - Monday, October 8th, 2012
Posted on Oct 8, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis learns that her trial will start tomorrow. Ronan tries to comfort Phyllis and offers to go over the case with her. Summer arrives and sees Phyllis and Ronan having sex on the couch.
Christine tries to convince Michael that Kevin is somehow connected to Tim’s death. Christine becomes suspicious when she sees that Kevin got a parking ticket a few nights after Tim’s death. Christine and Michael decide to question Kevin.
At the coffee house, Kevin informs Avery that he intends to post a video on the internet, asking Daisy to come home. Sharon rushes in to ask Avery to help her not go to jail. Abby overhears their conversation and warns Avery not to help Sharon.
Abby spots Summer and asks her to get coffee with her. Abby jokingly busts Summer on sneaking out when she is grounded. Summer vents to Abby about Phyllis.
Jack informs Genevieve that the S.E.C. agents are on their way to question her about Tucker manipulating Newman stock. Meanwhile, Tucker offers to give Beauty of Nature to Victor in exchange for Sharon’s freedom.
Sharon arrives at Victor’s office and he informs her that he’ll drop the charges against her if she agrees not to file a suit against him for abandonment. Avery enters and Sharon reluctantly signs the documents. Once she leaves, Victor realizes that if his enemies got together, they could take over Newman Enterprises.
Tucker asks Devon for another chance. An S.E.C agent arrives to question Tucker. Later, Sharon confronts Tucker about deserting her as soon as Victor got back to town.