Episode 10008 - Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
Posted on Oct 9, 2012 03:00pm

At the coffeehouse, Summer reveals to Nick that she saw Phyllis with Ronan. Nick tries to explain to Summer that Phyllis lied about her affair with Ronan to cover something up, but Summer insists. Nick confronts Phyllis about the affair, but she denies it. Nick reveals that Summer saw them having sex. Later, Phyllis tries to apologize to Summer. Nick finds Avery and kisses her.
At Gloworm, Kevin leaves just as Michael arrives. Michael asks Chloe why Kevin is dodging him. She tries to ignore him, but Michael pushes the issue. Chloe reveals that that Kevin got talked into moving Tim’s body.
Adam and Chelsea playfully go through a box of baby things. Gloria calls and offers to throw Chelsea a baby shower. Kevin arrives and shows Adam and Chelsea the latest TagNGrab update. Kevin leaves and Chelsea and Adam decide they should go on a “babymoon” vacation. Later, Kevin returns to Gloworm and Michael asks Kevin to talk to him.
Victor asks his broker to buy all of the available Newman stock. Victor learns that Jack is the only person who has 5% of the Newman stock. Meanwhile, Nikki confronts Tucker and slaps him for what he did to Victor.
Sharon informs the S.E.C agents that Tucker misadvised her in order to purchase Newman stock at a lower price. Sharon arrives at Victor’s office and reveals what she did. Sharon is shocked to learn that Tucker offered Victor Beauty of Nature in exchange for Sharon’s freedom. Later, Sharon rushes into Tucker’s office to apologize as an FBI agent finishes reading Tucker his rights.