Episode 10009 - Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
Posted on Oct 10, 2012 03:00pm

Michael informs Kevin that Chloe told him everything about the night that Tim died. Michael questions Kevin about covering for Phyllis. Later, Chloe informs Gloria that she sold Kevin out to Michael. Gloria to get Chloe to confide in her about what Kevin did. Kevin arrives and Chloe tries apologizing.
Jeffrey calls Chelsea and asks for her to come by Gloworm to see him. Gloria offers to throw Chelsea a baby shower, but Chelsea is reluctant to accept. Chelsea and Jeffrey enjoy a nice time together and he gives her some money to pick out something nice for the baby.
Victor asks Adam to stand by him so that the Newmans will maintain control of Newman Enterprises. Victor informs Adam that he loves him despite their quarrels over the years. Chelsea returns and Victor congratulates her about the baby. Later, Adam and Chelsea try to make sense of their conflicting feelings toward their fathers.
Nick gets a call that Summer has been arrested. Nick and Phyllis arrive at the squad room and Ronan explains that Summer took a baseball bat to his car. Ronan will not press charges against Summer because he is aware of the role he played. Later, Nick asks Summer to see a therapist.