Episode 10010 - Thursday, October 11th, 2012
Posted on Oct 11, 2012 03:00pm

Christine, Danny, Nina, and Paul discuss Phyllis’ trial over breakfast. They acknowledge the irony that Ricky is the one who set the trial in motion by finding the evidence against Phyllis.
Nick discovers Summer is missing. At the skate shack, Fen tries to convince Summer to go home. Summer kisses Fen and moves in to get closer to Fen, until he realizes that she is trying to take his cell phone from him. Fen reveals he is going to call Nick. Summer gets upset and throws the phone. Fen moves away to get his phone and Summer takes off.
Heather worries about what effect the trial will have on her relationship with Daniel. Meanwhile, Avery learns that Leslie is meeting with the judge to explain Summer’s absence and ask for a delay.
Ronan asks his friends on the force to look for Summer and Fen. Phyllis wants to go searching for Fen and Summer, but Avery and Nick convince her to stay and get ready for the trial. Meanwhile, Michael and Lauren learn that Fen didn’t spend the night at Austin’s. Later, Fen informs Lauren and Nick that Summer took off.
Heather and Leslie deliver their opening statements. The judge calls for the first witness, and Phyllis is horrified as Michael calls Kevin to the stand.
Adam and Chelsea discuss his intentions regarding aligning himself with Victor. Adam calls Victor and informs him that he can’t support him.