Episode 10011 - Friday, October 12th, 2012
Posted on Oct 12, 2012 03:00pm

Nick grills Fen on Summer’s whereabouts. Fen reveals he can reach her and Nick calls Summer. Phyllis is relieved to see Summer arrive in the courthouse. Summer informs Phyllis she wanted to make sure she gets the punishment she deserves. At the coffeehouse, Summer comes up with a plan to run away to Chicago. When Fen shoots down the idea, she angrily leaves.
Kevin takes the stand at Phyllis’ trial. Michael grills Kevin about when he last saw Tim Reid. As Kevin is about to open up, the judge gets sick. Everyone is left wondering what will happen next as the judge is rushed to his chambers by the bailiff.
The bailiff presents Judge Daley who will be taking the place of Judge Rice. Daley shocks everyone when he dismisses the case.
Sharon finds Noah packing his things. Noah informs Sharon he is moving out and until she makes some serious changes in her life, he has nothing to say to her.
Tucker tries to get Sharon to take back her accusations. Later, Jack learns all of the charges against Tucker have been dropped. Jack asks Billy to help him takeover Newman Enterprises. Billy refuses to put his marriage on the line. Meanwhile, Victor asks Victoria to look into Billy and Jack’s plans, but Victoria is not willing to cross the line and spy on her husband.
Adam informs Chelsea they are taking a trip together before the baby comes. Nick arrives and tries to convince Adam to stand with the family. Later, Jack arrives and suggests that Adam sell his shares to him so they can take Victor down together.