Episode 10013 - Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
Posted on Oct 16, 2012 03:00pm

Summer informs Noah that Phyllis is the cause of all her problems. Summer reveals she wants to leave Genoa City and move to New York. Later, Sharon finds Noah packing his things. Sharon asks him to stay, but Noah pushes her away.
Adam tries to distract himself from the pain of losing the baby. Chelsea is frustrated that Adam doesn’t want to deal with what happened. Summer arrives to apologize for the car accident. Summer is mortified when Chelsea reveals she miscarried. Later, Summer finds Noah and reveals she is filing for emancipation.
Tucker informs Genevieve that he is done with her. Cane enters and takes Tucker’s side. A waiter gives Cane an envelope. He finds a handwritten note with an Australian nursery rhyme on it. Cane gets a hold of the mystery woman and threatens to go to the police, but she caves and reveals her plan. Cane confronts Genevieve about paying the woman to impersonate Samantha.
Adam asks Jack when he is planning on making his move against Newman Enterprises. Adam reassures Jack that he is on his side. Meanwhile, Victor questions Victoria about Jack’s intentions for Newman Enterprises. Victoria feels guilty about the lawsuit that Nick, Abby, and her filed which allowed Newman Enterprises to go public.
Adam reveals to Sharon that Chelsea lost the baby. He inform s her he thinks it’s karma for what he did to her and Faith. Later, Nikki asks Adam if he’s aligned himself with Jack. Adam says things are rarely as they seem. Meanwhile, Chelsea opens Adam’s laptop and realizes that he has been obsessing over the Newman takeover instead of dealing with the miscarriage.