Episode 10014 - Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
Posted on Oct 17, 2012 03:00pm

Jack announces that he has control over Newman Enterprises. Victor reviews Jack’s documents. Jack fires Victor, Nick and Victoria. Later, Jack asks Billy to come work for him.
When Jack leaves, Victoria encourages Billy to take the job so he can spy on Jack. Billy fills Abby in on Jack’s plan to make a move on Newman Enterprises. Billy feels caught in the middle between his father-in-law and brother.
Victor learns that Sharon’s actions helped put this in motion. Later, Victor collapses in his office.
Eden informs Paul, Christine, and Heather that she had a bizarre dream about Ricky. Paul feels that Eden’s dream was a clue to help lead them to the location of the video of Ricky drowning Rachel. Later, Christine informs Paul that she is filing a civil suit against Phyllis. Meanwhile, Heather and Ronan inform Michael that he should take some time off to be with Lauren and Fen.
Phyllis and Ronan wake up to Avery knocking. Avery questions Phyllis about giving Nick ammunition for a divorce. Phyllis is surprised to hear about plans of a divorce. When Avery tries to get information out of her regarding Nick, Phyllis questions her motives. Phyllis wants Avery’s help in spying on Summer.