Episode 10015 - Thursday, October 18th, 2012
Posted on Oct 18, 2012 03:00pm

Nikki finds Victor unconscious on the floor. At the hospital, Abby asks if someone should call Adam, but Nick doesn’t want Adam near Victor. Dr. Martins reveals that Victor collapsed due to untreated concussions. Victor awakens and softly calls out Nikki’s name. Katherine tries to convince Victor to make the most of things and spend time with family instead of risking everything to fight Jack. Victor’s gathers his kids and informs them he has come to a decision that will affect all of them.
Jack calls Billy and to pressure him about the job offer. Jack gets a visit from John. John reveals that he is ashamed of Jack. Nick arrives and informs Jack his actions put Victor in the hospital. Jack is unsympathetic and Nick throws Jack against the wall to punch him, but stops himself. Later, Billy accepts Jack’s offer.
Lily asks Cane if he thinks Jack will promote him, but before he can answer Genevieve enters. She is unable to convince Lily and Cane that the mystery woman is lying about her. The mystery woman arrives and greets Genevieve as if they know each other. Genevieve speculates that Colin is the one who hired the mystery woman. Later, the mystery woman makes a one-way call to let someone know that everything is going as planned.
Sharon gets drunk at the Newman ranch and has a series of flashbacks and visions Sharon calls Adam and begins sobbing and whispers for help. Adam heads out and Chelsea gets upset and becomes suspicious. The voices finally push Sharon to the edge and she starts dousing the curtains with tequila. Sharon finds a pack of matches and sets the draperies on fire.