Episode 10017 - Monday, October 22nd, 2012
Posted on Oct 22, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis tries to convince Nick that they should not separate while Summer is going through tough times. When Phyllis leaves, Nick fills Summer in about the Newman takeover and Victor’s collapse.
Jack asks Phyllis to work with him at Newman. She’s hesitant because of the pain it would cause Nick. Later, Katherine warns Jack that she will not support him if he does not return Newman to Victor.
Cane asks Jack to consider him as a candidate to run Jabot, but Jack reveals he has someone else in mind. Meanwhile, Genevieve tries to bribe the mystery woman for information. The mystery woman flinches when Genevieve mentions Colin’s name. Later, Genevieve tries to explain herself to Lily and Cane, but Cane blames her for ruining his chances at a big promotion.
Victor learns about the fire after going through Nikki’s phone. Nikki wakes up to sees Victor is gone. Victor goes to the ranch and is stunned at the destruction. Nikki arrives and they reminisce about their time at the ranch. Victor asks Nikki to marry him for the last time.