Episode 10018 - Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
Posted on Oct 23, 2012 03:00pm

Nick informs Noah and Summer that he has filed for divorce from Phyllis. Noah reveals to Nick that he got his heart broken in New York. Nick receives a chess set from Avery with a note about practicing his game. At Avery’s, Nick finds her locked out of her apartment in a robe with wet hair. After Nick gets the door open, Phyllis arrives and finds a wet-haired Avery laughing with Nick. Avery tries to explain, but Phyllis is not convinced and she takes off.
Ronan questions Phyllis about their relationship and she wants to focus on rebuilding her relationship with Summer. Summer enters and catches Phyllis and Ronan in an embrace. Ronan reveals to Summer that Phyllis ended their relationship because of her. Ronan explains to Summer that Jamie is a kid he mentors. Ronan exits and Summer accidentally knocks over Jamie’s bag. While Jamie scrambles to pick up his things, Summer snatches his wallet. Ronan returns and Summer informs him that Jamie took off and dropped his wallet.
Victor and Nikki reveal to the Newman family that they intend to rebuild the ranch. Nikki says that the first event that they will host is their wedding reception. Victoria informs Victor that Billy is spying on Jack at Newman Enterprises.
Jack tries to persuade Neil to leave his job at Chancellor Industries and to be the new CEO at Jabot. Jack asks Phyllis to be the VP of Research and Development at Newman Enterprises. Later, Neil informs Katherine of Jack’s offer and she reveals that she cannot match Jack’s offer. Neil calls Jack to accept his offer.
Abby offers Jack money to give control of Newman Enterprises back to the Newmans. Later, Abby informs Carmine that her plan to buy Newman Enterprises from Jack did not work.