Episode 10019 - Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
Posted on Oct 24, 2012 03:00pm

Paul gives Christine the addresses she will need to follow up on the leads from Eden’s dream. Phyllis storms in and confronts Christine about her lawsuit.
Nick informs Avery that he doesn’t intend to help fight for Newman Enterprises. Nick’s focus right now is on being a good father. Nick and Avery discuss their relationship and agree to take things slow. After Nick leaves, Avery has a fantasy of Nick and her making love.
Nick goes to the Athletic Club and is surprised to find Noah working as a bartender. Nick questions Noah about leaving music because of his failed relationship. Phyllis arrives and asks if Nick is going to start seeing Avery, but he refuses to answer. At home, Nick finds a document stating that he and Phyllis are legally separated.
Adam leaves as Jeffrey and Anita arrive with baby gifts for Chelsea. Chelsea reveals she had a miscarriage and Anita worries that this could create distance between Adam and Chelsea. Jeffrey apologizes for upsetting Chelsea.
Sharon stands in the middle of the Newman living room. Sharon wanders through the burnt down house as Adam arrives. A confused Sharon wonders why he is helping her.