Episode 10020 - Thursday, October 25th, 2012
Posted on Oct 25, 2012 03:00pm

Nikki realizes that Victoria is having Billy spy on Jack. Billy informs Victoria that Chelsea lost the baby. Victoria is sympathetic and worries that there might be a chance Chelsea will never be able to have children again.
Victor warns Jack that his happiness over his misfortune will be short-lived. Later, Jack informs Billy to make the retailers believe that things will remain status quo without Victor in charge.
Eden informs Paul, Christine, and Heather that she remembers more about the night Ricky died. Michael informs everyone that the judge granted Avery’s petition for a continuance. Christine reveals to Paul that she is going to California to find the video of Ricky killing Rachel.
At the Athletic Club, Chelsea waits for Adam to join her. Meanwhile, Sharon hides in her house as Noah continues to knock on the door. Adam arrives and lies about why he is there. Adam warns Noah to get out of the Newman family vortex while he can. When Noah leaves, Sharon emerges from her hiding spot. Adam reveals that he found a place for her to say on his property. Later, Victoria arrives to pay her respect to Chelsea. Chelsea assures Victoria that she has no intention of going after baby Johnny.
Nikki is shocked by Victor’s proposal and gladly accepts. Victoria approaches in time to hear the news. She reveals she has to go out of town because she has come up with a way to force Jack out of Newman.