Episode 10021 - Friday, October 26th, 2012
Posted on Oct 26, 2012 03:00pm

Sharon rearranges the furniture in the cottage and looks for her phone. Adam goes back to his house and Chelsea questions him about his whereabouts. Adam tries to comfort Chelsea as she wonders if he blames her for losing their son. When Chelsea exits, Sharon sneaks in and she’s going to confess to Victor about her starting the fire and he can’t stop her.
Jack tries to get Phyllis to accept his job offer. Phyllis notices that Jack is in pain, but he tries to play it off. Jack takes a pill as John appears and warns him the pain he’s feeling is being caused from payback. Sharon arrives to talk to Victor and is surprised to find Jack. Jack reveals all the Newmans have been fired. Adam brings Sharon back to the cottage and assures her he is there for her. Meanwhile, Chelsea lights candles and prepares for a romantic evening with Adam.
Phyllis offers to help get Newman Enterprises back for Nick, but he reveals he wants nothing to do with it. When Phyllis leaves, Summer informs Nick that she will never be able to love Phyllis again. Later, Phyllis accepts Jack’s offer.
Summer asks Avery to help her sue Nick and Phyllis for emancipation. Avery tries to distract Summer by having her help bake cupcakes. Avery helps Summer see the reality of emancipation. Nick arrives and Avery fills him in on her talk with Summer.