Episode 10022 - Monday, October 29th, 2012
Posted on Oct 29, 2012 03:00pm

Adam suggests Sharon get professional help, but Sharon becomes defensive and angry. Adam admits he is responsible for hurting her while they were together. Meanwhile, Chelsea waits to have a romantic dinner with Adam. When Adam arrives late, he lies to Chelsea about where he has been.
Genevieve tries to appeal to Cane, but it’s unsuccessful. The mystery woman asks Genevieve if her offer to pay for information still stands. At the mystery woman’s room, Genevieve finds blood on the floor. Later, Genevieve brings Cane and Ronan to the suite. Ronan finds the stain and something with a “G” on it.
Katherine notices Nikki’s engagement ring. Katherine is happy for her, but cautions her not to assume Victor has changed. Meanwhile, Victor berates Nick for taking the easy way out when he decided not to fight for Newman. Later, Katherine confirms to Victor that she will be back at Chancellor.
Billy informs Victoria that Jack is suspicious and he hates spying on his brother. He reveals that he is going to resign from Newman. Meanwhile, Phyllis accepts Jack’s job offer.
When Victor learns Billy may resign, he threatens Billy to rethink his decision or he will inform Victoria that he knew Victor was in Los Angeles. Later, Victoria informs Nikki and Nick she is going on a trip to Miami to help get back Newman. Meanwhile, Jack informs the Miami contact that Victoria will be coming by and to play along with what she has to say.
Jack gets a back pain as Phyllis enters. He plays off the pain, but falls to the floor. Phyllis calls 911.