Episode 10024 - Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
Posted on Oct 31, 2012 03:00pm

Adam offers to be CFO of Newman as Nick enters. Jack extends his hand to Adam to confirm the agreement and Nick confronts Adam. Adam blames the Newman family for his decision. Adam and Nick begin to argue and Jack stops them.
Phyllis and Ronan bump into Summer. Phyllis begins explaining why they are there together, but Summer stops her. Summer reveals that she doesn’t want to fight with her anymore. Later, Summer approaches Jamie and Fen tries to stop her. Summer asks Jamie to hang out sometime.
Chelsea enters and senses someone is there, but she doesn’t find anyone. When she leaves, Sharon appears from a hiding place. Chloe drops by to discuss TagNGrab, but Chelsea confides in her about her miscarriage and relationship with Adam. Chloe comes up with an idea and asks Kevin to come over. Later, Adam and Chelsea fight over her decision to take over TagNGrab.
Sharon realizes the photo of Noah is missing and looks for it. There’s a knock on the door and Sharon opens it. Two trick-or-treaters shout “trick or treat” and she slams the door shut, terrified. Later, Adam finds the photo of Noah and realizes Sharon has been there.
Nick, furious from his encounter with Adam, finds Faith in her Halloween costume. Nick takes a picture of Faith and promises to send it to Sharon. Noah informs Nick that Sharon left a message on his cell, but he felt like something was off. Noah is determined to find her and make sure she’s okay. Later, Nick and Noah find Sharon’s phone and shirt. They become suspicious that she was at the main house the night of the fire.