Episode 10025 - Thursday, November 1st, 2012
Posted on Nov 1, 2012 03:00pm

Nick and Noah discuss the possibility of whether Sharon started the fire at the ranch. Nick is unsuccessful in trying to get a hold of Sharon. Later, Noah receives a text saying “I miss you”.
Adam and Victor are civil with each other as they discuss Adam’s role working for Jack. Adam informs Victor that he lost the baby due to the accident with Summer.
Chloe finishes making Avery’s coffee and asks her for legal advice in exchange for a free drink. After looking over the documents, Avery informs Chloe the terms of the contract are in Adam’s favor.
Chelsea informs Chloe she won’t be able to help out with TagNGrab. Chelsea and Chloe bond over their interest in fashion. Chloe looks at pictures of Chelsea’s homemade outfits from her teenager years and is impressed. Later, Chloe offers to help her and Chelsea suggests they use the vacant cottage on the property as their work space.
Victor and Nikki learn the fire was arson. Nikki suspects Sharon is responsible for the fire. The private investigator notices proof of a liquid accelerant to start the fire and feels it was an unplanned act of passion. He also finds a damaged bracelet. Victor recognizes it as the bracelet he gave to Sharon.
Adam wakes Sharon up from a nightmare she is having about the fire. Sharon protests Dr. Watkins being there. Later, Adam formulates a plan to help protect Sharon.