Episode 10026 - Friday, November 2nd, 2012
Posted on Nov 2, 2012 03:00pm

Heather approaches Michael and requests a leave of absence so she can help clear Paul’s name. Meanwhile, Christine promises Paul she will find the video Ricky saved of Rachel’s murder. Later, Paul admits to Lauren he is falling for Christine all over again.
Genevieve blames Colin for setting her up. Ronan informs Genevieve once they identify the body, they will have a warrant for her arrest. Genevieve begs Tucker for his help in finding Colin, but Tucker refuses. As Genevieve is preparing to leave town, Tucker hands her money and they come together for a short, but intense kiss. Later, Tucker welcomes Jill home to help Katherine run Chancellor.
Adam and Phyllis argue about his intentions at the company. Meanwhile, Jack reveals to Billy he knows Victoria went to Miami to find a way to get Newman back. Later, Jack reveals he fired Billy and Adam will be the acting CEO in Jack’s absence.
Phyllis meets with Billy and informs him he must do whatever it takes to get re-hired. She reveals that Jack is having surgery. Billy goes to visit Jack, but he’s not ready to make amends yet. Meanwhile, Victoria is taken from the Miami hotel.
Chelsea and Chloe discuss their ideas for developing their clothing line. As they enter the cottage, Chelsea spots a Beauty of Nature hand cream and an overnight bag. Chelsea confronts Adam about the bag she found in the cottage, but he refuses to reveal the truth. Later, Chelsea catches Sharon in their cottage.