Episode 10027 - Monday, November 5th, 2012
Posted on Nov 5, 2012 03:00pm

Chelsea is shocked to find Sharon at the cottage. Chelsea confronts Adam and he assures Chelsea that he’s not having an affair with Sharon. Later, Adam asks Sharon to stay until he is able to establish her alibi.

Billy gets a message from a man named Eddie G. that says they have a lot to talk about. Unbeknownst to Billy, Victoria is blindfolded and shoved into a dark, windowless room.

Tucker informs Jill that Katherine intends to step back in as C.E.O. of Chancellor Industries. Tucker pleas with Jill, but she refuses to help.

Avery prepares dinner for Nick. Nick shares that he was worried about Summer heading down a dark path, but he thinks she is doing a lot better now. They both lean in for a kiss until Avery pulls back. They agree they shouldn’t move too fast.

Summer plots her revenge on Ronan by using Jaime. Summer pretends to be a girl named Brittni and chats with Jaime online. Fen tries to knock some sense into Summer, but she shuts him up by kissing him. Nick arrives and finds Fen and Summer making out.

Michael informs Lauren that the fire at Victor’s house was set intentionally. Lauren reveals to Michael that Paul has fallen in love with Christine again.