Episode 10028 - Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
Posted on Nov 6, 2012 03:00pm

Summer questions Avery about her relationship with Nick. With some prodding from Avery, Summer informs Phyllis that she won’t be suing her for emancipation.
Nikki informs Ronan that Sharon’s bracelet was found at the ranch. Meanwhile, Victor questions Nick’s decision not to help fight for Newman Enterprises. Noah informs Ronan he deleted the one message Sharon left him. Nick and Noah agree that they need to track down Sharon.
Victor goes to Newman Enterprises and finds Phyllis in his old office. Victor is curious about Jack’s absence while Phyllis covers and says that Jack should be back soon.
At the Athletic Club, Nick sees Avery working out. Avery informs Nick about her conversation with Phyllis and that Summer doesn’t want to sue for emancipation anymore. Avery kisses Nick as Phyllis walks in and sees them.
Billy runs a search on Eddie Graham and an article pops up with news that the mobster has been released from prison. Later, Billy reluctantly informs Jill that he owes Eddie G. $100,000. Billy asks Jill not to inform Victoria.
Jill informs Tucker that she’ll try and convince Katherine not to go back to work at Chancellor Industries. Katherine is surprised to see Jill back in town. After unsuccessfully trying to convince Katherine not to go back to Chancellor, Jill informs Tucker that Katherine is set in her ways.