Episode 10029 - Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
Posted on Nov 7, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis visits Jack after surgery. Jack is thrilled to be able to move his legs. Phyllis shares her concerns about Adam working with them. Victor stops by and reminds Jack that Adam is still a Newman and might be more like him then he thinks.
Chelsea watches as Adam prepares for his first day as acting CEO at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea reminds Adam that she intends to be supportive of his helping Sharon. Later, Sharon tries to convince Chelsea that her motives are sincere. Meanwhile, Kevin gets upset that Chloe has already written off TagNGrab and plans to dive into a new business venture with Chelsea.
Kevin asks Michael if he can borrow 15 million dollars from him since Adam has pulled his investment from TagNGrab. Michael laughs and informs him he doesn’t have that kind of money. Michael explains that just because he isn’t lending him money doesn’t mean he doesn’t support him.
Victor suggests that Adam call a meeting with the Board to vote Jack out. Adam informs Victor that he intends to make Newman Enterprises a success.
Dr. Watkins informs Adam and Chelsea that it sounds like she needs to start treating Sharon immediately. Adam introduces Sharon to Dr. Watkins. Adam informs Chelsea that something changed in Sharon’s behavior since he saw her that morning and it’s almost as if she had a relapse.