Episode 10030 - Thursday, November 8th, 2012
Posted on Nov 8, 2012 03:00pm

Nick deduces that someone other than Sharon must be setting the fires around town. Nick reminds Nikki that despite Sharon’s mistakes, she is still the mother of his children. Meanwhile, Sharon begins to open up to Dr. Watkins about her recent actions against the Newmans.
Chelsea questions how Adam found out that Sharon needed help. Chelsea realizes that Sharon started the fire at the Newman ranch. Later, Adam tries to comfort Sharon after she learns that she may need medication.
Phyllis tries to call a truce with Summer. Summer claims she isn’t mad at Phyllis. Avery arrives to see Nick. Summer leaves and Phyllis informs Avery that she saw her kissing Nick. Nick returns and Phyllis takes in the underlying attraction between Nick and Avery and opts to leave. Later, Phyllis kisses Ronan and invites him back to her place.
Billy starts to inform Ronan about Victoria’s absence, but Eddie G. sends a text wanting Billy to stay away from the cops. Eddie informs Billy to go to a website and he’s horrified to see Victoria trapped. Later, Billy breaks the news to Nikki that Victoria has been kidnapped and he needs two million dollars or else she will be killed.