Episode 10031 - Friday, November 9th, 2012
Posted on Nov 9, 2012 03:00pm

Michael informs Kevin, Gloria, and Jeffrey that the settlement from Gloworm burning down will be over seven million dollars. Kevin brings up TagNGrab, but Gloria says they are not interested. Later, Gloria informs Kevin that he is too creative to be wasting his time on a shopping website.
Avery informs Nick that Phyllis saw them kissing. Nick is glad they kissed and he wants to start fresh. Later, Avery fantasizes about Nick. Nick stops by to return Avery’s glove and they kiss.
Summer calls Fen to inform him that Jamie de-friended “Brittni” on FacePlace. Jamie informs Ronan about the girl he met online told everyone on his FacePlace page about the trouble he got into. Ronan thinks Summer has something to do with the people who are harassing Jamie.
Jack informs Phyllis that the doctor said he can go home tomorrow if he has someone stay with him. Phyllis agrees to help Jack under the condition that he does not push himself too hard.
Billy and Nikki work to get the money to save Victoria without informing Victor. Victor overhears Nikki trying to withdraw money and confronts her. When Victor questions Billy about Victoria, he lies and informs him that Victoria is in Europe. Later, Eddie lets Billy talk to Victoria. Billy unlocks a small box and takes out a handgun and a box of ammunition. Meanwhile, Victoria searches for a way to escape the dark room.
At the gym, Victor informs Adam that he inherited his success with no appreciation for what it is worth. Adam challenges Victor and asks why Victoria isn’t there fighting for the company.