Episode 10032 - Monday, November 12th, 2012
Posted on Nov 12, 2012 03:00pm

Ronan and Phyllis go on an awkward first official date. Meanwhile, Avery and Nick discuss their families over dinner. Nick opens his heart to Avery and expresses how crazy he is about her.
Adam prepares a romantic dinner for Chelsea. After they make love, Adam searches online for information on Genoa City fires. He comes across the story about the fire at Gloworm. Adam meets with the arsonist and blasts him for setting fire to his father-in- laws restaurant.
Sharon writes a heartfelt letter to Faith and Noah. Sharon goes to her house and watches Noah through the window. Noah sees Sharon and confronts her. She asks Noah to bring Faith to visit her and not to let Nick know she was there.
Chelsea wakes up and finds a letter that Sharon wrote about Adam. Sharon startles Chelsea as she reads the letter. Later, Chelsea questions Adam about the fire at Gloworm.
Ronan returns to Phyllis’ with a pizza after he’s had a few drinks. Ronan confronts her about their relationship. She pushes him out the door. Phyllis calls Nick and asks if they can postpone tomorrow’s divorce meeting, but he refuses. Phyllis cries as she realizes her marriage is over. Later, Avery reveals to Nick that she is willing to take the risk to be with him.