Episode 10033 - Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
Posted on Nov 13, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis asks Avery to come with her to meet with Nick and their lawyers about the divorce. Avery admits to Phyllis that she is seeing Nick. Later, Phyllis and Nick discuss their custody agreement and Nick thinks Summer can decide where she spends her time.
Victor questions Billy about Victoria’s absence. Meanwhile, Victoria struggles to pick the lock on the door in the dark room. Victor questions Nikki about a text she received from Billy. She reveals that Victoria has been kidnapped. Later, Victor tries to locate Eddie.
Cane and Lily discuss Genevieve’s recent departure. Cane is thrilled to see Jill. Jill leaves a message for Tucker about convincing Katherine to step down. Later, Neil asks Leslie to be his lawyer at Jabot.
John appears and informs Jack that he is worried about him. He thinks Jack should take some time to heal before going back to work. Jack informs John that he doesn’t want his advice anymore.
Summer hides as Ronan leaves flowers at Phyllis’ door. When he leaves, Summer throws them in the trash can. Summer questions Phyllis about her relationship with Ronan. Later, Ronan asks Phyllis if she got the flowers. Ronan introduces Jamie to Phyllis as Summer watches. Summer sends a hurtful e-mail to Jamie from her fake account. Ronan explains to Phyllis that Summer might be involved in bullying Jaime.