Episode 10034 - Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
Posted on Nov 14, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis informs Nick that she’s worried Summer may be bullying Jamie. Nick reads Jamie’s confession that “Brittani” posted online, but doesn’t understand why Ronan would think Summer is “Brittani.”
Noah questions Adam about his relationship with Sharon. Noah states that Sharon’s family needs her, but Adam feels her family has rejected her. Meanwhile, Dr. Watkins diagnoses Sharon with bi-polar disorder. Later, Sharon is overjoyed when Noah brings Faith to see her.
Lauren and Michael see Fen with Summer. They question Fen about his homework and Summer informs them that she’s been distracting him. Summer gives Fen a big kiss in front of his parents and exits. Michael and Lauren realize their disapproval of Summer only makes her more appealing to Fen.
Sarge finds Jack in a lot of his pain and demands he take it easy. Phyllis arrives at Jack’s with her suitcase. Phyllis makes a toast to the new beginning of Newman and also for her and Jack.
At Newman Enterprises, Adam informs Avery that he wants her to decide if her priority is the company or Nick. Phyllis arrives as Adam questions her recent absence. Phyllis informs Adam that Jack is back home and recovering. Avery asks Phyllis about the divorce proceedings. Later, Nick joins Avery for dinner.