Episode 10035 - Thursday, November 15th, 2012
Posted on Nov 15, 2012 03:00pm

Jeffrey reveals to Chelsea that he is glad to be out of the restaurant business. Adam overhears Chelsea question Jeffrey about the fire. Adam offers to help cover any of Jeffrey’s costs.
Faith and Noah visit Sharon. Noah assures Adam that they won’t say anything about Sharon’s whereabouts. Chelsea overhears Adam opening up to Sharon and later informs Adam he will never love her the way he loved Sharon. Later, Chelsea sneaks into the cottage and watches Sharon sleep.
On their date, Nick asks Avery not to discuss his divorce or Phyllis. When Avery leaves the table, gossip columnist Mona Mason questions Nick about his divorce. Later, Victor informs Nick that a loan shark from Billy’s gambling days is holding Victoria for ransom.
Jill calls a meeting with Tucker and Katherine and proposes to Katherine that she go back to Chancellor with their blessing if they go as a team. Katherine agrees to think about it.
Nikki informs Billy she could only get part of the two million. Meanwhile, Victor learns that Eddie’s home base is in South Beach. Eddie reveals to Victoria that Billy skipped out on a debt and Billy had him arrested. Victoria uses Eddie’s emotions to convince him to let her go. Billy informs Eddie he will get all the money, but he needs more time. Later, Nick confronts Billy.