Episode 10036 - Friday, November 16th, 2012
Posted on Nov 16, 2012 03:00pm

Eddie shows Victoria a little compassion and offers her food. Meanwhile, Billy convinces Nick that Victor shouldn’t go and Nick agrees to go with Billy instead. Later, Victoria gets Eddie to open up about his son. While Eddie is distracted, Victoria calls 9-1-1. Eddie can’t trust her or Billy.
Jack worries that if he takes it easy Victor and Victoria could take control of Newman Enterprises. Phyllis informs Jack that his job offer gave her a reason to reinvent herself. Later, Jack overexerts himself and causing excruciating pain. He decides to take two of his pills.
Noah opens a package and finds a duffel bag filled with money. The note asking to keep it safe is from Adrianna. Summer appears and Noah asks Summer if she has anything to do with Jaime being bullied. Noah explains that her actions can have consequences and that she needs to be careful. Later, Noah leaves Adriana a message.
Jamie asks Summer if she is “Brittani”. Summer denies it and Jaime informs her he’s been bullied his whole life. Fen gets jealous as he sees the two of them holding hands. Summer informs Fen that she’s done going after Jamie online. Fen doesn’t like the way she treats everyone, including him. Summer worries that Fen will rat her out.
Christine returns and shows Paul the video of Ricky killing his girlfriend. Michael says it is not enough to drop the charges against Paul. Later, Michael struggles with Paul’s case and Lauren suggests that he just follows his heart. Meanwhile, Nina enters as Christine and Paul kiss.