Episode 10037 - Monday, November 19th, 2012
Posted on Nov 19, 2012 03:00pm

Nina finds Paul and Christine kissing at Crimson Lights. After Christine leaves, Nina realizes that things are over with her and Paul. When Nina exits, Michael reveals to Paul that he’s dropping the charges against him. Meanwhile, Nina turns to Katherine for comfort.
Paul throws out the last of Ricky’s things and informs Christine that Michael dropped the charges against him. Christine suggests that they forget the kiss ever happened, but Paul doesn’t want to forget it.
Kevin informs Michael he’s about to lose TagNGrab. Michael tries to console him, but Kevin gets even more irritated.
Leslie accepts Neil’s offer to be his lawyer at Jabot. They flirt a bit as Neil welcomes her to Jabot. Later, Neil invites Devon to stop by Cane and Lily’s for Thanksgiving.
While Sharon sleeps, Chelsea finds Sharon’s pills. When Sharon wakes, she confronts Chelsea about spying on her. At the mansion, Chelsea admits to Adam that she’s jealous of Sharon. Meanwhile, Sharon becomes manic after her encounter with Chelsea. Adam goes to see Sharon, but finds the cottage empty and her pill bottle on the floor.