Episode 10038 - Tuesday, November 20th, 2012
Posted on Nov 20, 2012 03:00pm

Katherine informs Jill that she will bring her on as co-CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill refuses to sign the contract because she wouldn’t be an equal partner. Katherine gasps for breath and clutches her chest. Jill calls 9-1-1, but Katherine reveals it was a test to see how genuine her feelings for her are.
Adam arrives and Jack questions Adam as to why he approved a risky acquisition without his approval. Jack reaches for a painkiller and informs Adam he’s on his way to a speedy recovery.
Tucker arrives and informs Jack he has serious concerns about how he is handling Newman Enterprises. Jack accuses Tucker of trying to get Katherine out of Chancellor Industries, but Tucker denies it.
Phyllis confronts Avery about her relationship with Nick. Adam interrupts and informs Phyllis they need to work as a team for the sake of Newman. Later, Phyllis leaves a hopeful message for Avery, but Avery ignores it.
Sharon informs Noah she can’t stay at Adam’s anymore. Noah is surprised to learn that Sharon is bipolar. Sharon reveals that she left her medication at the cottage and Noah offers to get it for her. Sharon cleans up her house and is startled when Phyllis walks in.
Victor informs Nikki his operative’s in Florida have started to check out Eddie’s properties. Victor blames himself for allowing Victoria to marry Billy. Victor learns that Eddie and Victoria weren’t at any of the locations he thought they would be. Meanwhile, Billy and Nick try to figure out a way to call Eddie. Later, Eddie’s phone rings, but before he can answer shots are fired.