Episode 10039 - Wednesday, November 21st, 2012
Posted on Nov 21, 2012 03:00pm

Victoria sees Eddie’s lifeless body on the floor and manages to grab his phone. She informs Billy and Nick that Eddie is dead. A man named Max enters and reveals that Eddie was working for him. Max takes a gun from his holster and unlocks her handcuffs. He forces her back into the dark room. Billy and Nick burst in and subdue Max. Billy runs into the dark room saves Victoria.
Katherine and Devon are surprised to see Tucker. After Devon leaves, Katherine advises Tucker not to push so hard with Devon. Tucker hugs Jill goodbye and shakes hands with Katherine.
Sharon is startled to see Phyllis. Sharon informs Phyllis that Summer took Faith to the parade. Phyllis wants to wait for Summer, but Sharon loses it and demands that Phyllis get out. Later, Sharon informs Noah that Adam saved her from the fire and that she started it.
Cane and Lily meet Neil for a quick bite. Devon arrives and accepts Neil’s offer to work at Jabot. Lily is thrilled to be working together, but Cane is a little uneasy.
Chelsea questions Adam about going to see Sharon. Later, Chelsea informs Jeffrey and Anita that she had an argument with Adam. Jeffrey asks Adam about the strange vibe he gets every time he is in the same room with them.
Jack calls his sisters and wishes he could be with them to celebrate Thanksgiving. Jack informs Phyllis that he wishes he could go back and express to everyone how grateful he is to have them in his life. Later, Phyllis goes to embrace Jack goodnight and he surprises her with a kiss.